FAQ (English)

Reconfiguration FAQ

Why were the boundaries redrawn?

Aldine ISD’s reconfiguration and boundary changes were implemented to create more direct feeder patterns as well as improve instructional alignment between grade levels.

How were the new boundaries chosen?

Consideration was given to proximity of schools, building capacity, and effective utilization of space.

Do I need to register my child at the new school?

Returning Aldine ISD Students in grades PK-12 will be enrolled in their projected campuses. New students will need to be enrolled at the new campus.

Will transportation be provided to the new school?

Aldine ISD transportation guidelines will apply based on the address of residence. Aldine ISD transportation is provided if you live outside of the two mile radius. In addition, all EC/PK/K schools will have bus routes going directly to those schools.

Why does my child have to change Pre-K schools?

Kindergarten students will now attend EC/PK/KG campuses. Aldine is adding 4 additional campuses at the EC/PK/K to accommodate this change. As a result new boundaries were established for all EC/PK/C campuses.

My child currently attends a magnet school but I received a letter for another school?

The letters you received listed new campuses based on the student’s residence. Students currently attending magnet campuses will continue to follow magnet procedures for enrollment.

Does the new school offer the same programs as the old school?

All Aldine ISD schools offer the same quality academic programs and equitable opportunities for students. Clubs and organizations are formed based on student and campus interest.

Can my children remain at their current school if I want them to?

Students will be enrolled in the projected schools for 2018-2019. If there are extenuating circumstances that meet the requirements of Aldine ISD’s transfer policy as outlined in the Student Parent Handbook please contact the Safe and Secure Schools’ office at 281-985-7146.

Can I request a transfer for my student if I want him/her to attend a different campus?

Aldine ISD does not offer open enrollment. Students will be enrolled in the projected schools for 2018-2019 based on the attendance area in which they live. If your child meets the criteria for a transfer please contact the Safe and Secure School’s office at 281-985-7146.

How do I get information on my child’s new school?

Information on all Aldine ISD campuses is available at In the spring there will be additional communication to parents and students about the campuses your children are zoned to and opportunities for you to become more familiar with those schools.

What if I still have questions about my child’s placement for 2018-2019?

For questions regarding the new boundaries contact Assistant Superintendent, Ken Knippel’s office at 281-985-6645.

I need to ask a question about my child’s bus route or bus stop.

Please visit the transportation page on the Aldine ISD website at

* High School boundaries were not affected.