Business Partners

Spence Teams up with Business Partners
Spence Elementary would like to say "Thank you", to several business partners. 

International Bank of Commerce
IBC Bank, International Bank of Commerce, educates our kindergarten through 4th grade students in the Spring on the different components of being financial literate. IBC Bank's lessons offer a level of engagement and excitement for the students here at Spence Elementary, which focus on the current Personal Financial Literacy TEKS. For more information please, visit their website at    

The Phoenix House
The Phoenix House works with Spence in presenting social skill lessons to our 3rd and 4th graders. You can visit their site for more detailed information on how The Phoenix House contributes to the Spence Elementary community.

FMC Technologies
Spence Elementary also partners with FMC Technologies. Engineers from FMC Technologies recently visited Spence Elementary. The engineers worked closely with our students in teaching math and science lessons. Our student experiencied the relevancy of math and science with real life application.